Tuft Tiny Small Head Toothbrush.

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1. Tuft Toothbrush: The small tapered brush head makes the end tuft toothbrushes ideal for precision cleaning around implants, orthodontic appliances, crown, bridges and other difficult to reach areas such as certain spots between crowded teeth, wisdom teeth and back molars.

2. Tiny Small Head End Tuft Toothbrush for Teeth: This Small Head End Tuft Toothbrush fits most people, from those who may have a smaller mouth, someone wearing braces, the elderly’s denture, children who begin to lose their baby teeth, to people who have irregular teeth and wisdom teeth, also suitable for cleaning pets’ teeth.

3. Wisdom Toothbrush: The wisdom brush gently cleans erupting teeth along the gum line, around and on fixed braces, the small brush head gets at the difficult areas behind the back molars or wisdom teeth, making sure no food debris are left behind.

4. Tuft Toothbrush Extra Soft: Designed for cleaning braces and interdental gaps. This single tuft toothbrush also takes care of a healthier mouth, it works well on cleaning your oral cavity to keep your teeth from damage; Besides, it remove debris between the gap of teeth and helps stop bleeding gums.

5. Interdental Interspace Brush: This set contains totally 4 end tufted toothbrushes in 4 different colors, and each of them is wrapped individually, which keeps them hygienic and makes them very convenient to carry.

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