Makizi Raw Honey, 500g.

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Makizi is 100% raw honey.

100% Natural honey directly sieved from its comb.

Harvested from healthy bees from eco-friendly diverse regions.

Unprocessed, raw state provides a maximum level of natural antioxidants and full beneficial factors as a functional whole food.

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Features and detail

Makizi Raw Honey is a Superfood indeed. It  is 100% raw honey. It is much more beyond your healthy sweetener to oatmeal, tea, pap, yogurt, smoothies, cookies, etc.

It is a MUST have for :

Effective wound healing (burns, diabetic ulcer, witlow, etc✓

Fighting/preventing stomach ulcer/acid reflux/heartburn and other stomach disorders✓

Boosting libido and sperm quality✓

Lowering cholesterol and and controlling blood pressure✓

Improving vision✓

Reducing inflammations                (arthritis,etc)✓

Relieving cough/cold/sore throat✓

Reducing oxidative stress✓

Preventing cancer✓

Instant energy boosting✓

Eliminating pimples✓

Skin plumping and glow✓

Increasing antioxidants level✓

Imroving brain power✓

Diminishing stretch marks✓


















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