Makizi Honeycomb 200g.

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Honeycomb is a natural product made by honey bees to store honey, beeswax and pollen. Thus, making it extremely nourishing!

Makizi Honeycomb is raw and unfiltered. Organic and 100% pure.



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• Honeycomb has has whole lots of especially essential vitamins and minerals your body needs✓

• High nutritional value✓

• Supports heart health✓

• Sweetens food without the blood sugar spike✓

• Boosts your immune system✓

• Protects your liver function✓

• Fights off colds during flu season✓

• Improves gut health✓

• Promotes oral health ✓

• Aids digestion ✓

• Full of antioxidants ✓

• Fights infections ✓

• Reduces inflammations ✓

• Prevents cancer ✓

• Instant energy boosting ✓

• Reduces oxidative stress✓

• Maintains healthy cholesterol levels ✓

• Has amino acids  essential for good health ✓

• Promotes healthy sleep cycles✓

• Relieves cough/ sore throat ✓

• Great for wound healing ✓




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